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What’s The Best Way to Use Grapeseed Oil on Your Skin?

What’s The Best Way to Use Grapeseed Oil on Your Skin?

Grapeseed oil, derived from the tiny seeds of grapes, has been hailed as a skincare superhero, and for good reason. Known for its ability to help fade scars, smooth out wrinkles, and even out skin tones, this antioxidant-rich oil is a potent addition to any skincare regimen. 

With its remarkable ability to provide intense moisturization while also being lightweight and quickly absorbed, grapeseed oil allows you to enjoy the benefits of deeply-hydrated skin without the discomfort of greasy residue. It’s truly a skincare essential for all skin types! 

Grapeseed oil is chock full of Vitamin E, flavonoids, and essential fatty acids that can help combat the harmful free radicals and environmental stressors that diminish your skin's luster. If you tend to experience acne breakouts, grapeseed oil’s low comedogenic rating makes it a safer choice due to its ability to moisturize without clogging pores, thereby reducing the risk of new blemishes forming. And for those who have oilier skin, the high linoleic acid content of grapeseed oil helps balance oil production, resulting in a smoother, more supple complexion over time. 

But before you rush to the store to grab some, it’s important to note that while simply purchasing grapeseed oil from the grocery store and applying it to your face may provide some benefits, it won't be as effective as incorporating Core Ritual™ into your skincare routine. 


That’s where Core Ritual comes in. The meticulous formulation of our Signature Oil Blend (which makes grapeseed oil even more effective) ensures that you're not just benefiting from the singular advantages of grapeseed oil, but from a powerful combination of natural ingredients that address a wide spectrum of your skin’s needs. Plus, our NatureFRESH Cold Press™ process guarantees you’re getting superior quality, ultra-pure oils with the highest antioxidant and nutritional properties.

While it might be tempting to grab a bottle of grapeseed oil off the grocery store shelf, skincare is one area where quality significantly impacts effectiveness. Grapeseed oil is more than just a kitchen staple or a vineyard byproduct, and oils processed for culinary purposes may not undergo the careful extraction methods necessary to preserve the delicate compounds beneficial for skin health. Moreover, these oils often contain additives or have been refined, which can diminish their nutrient content and, consequently, their skin-nourishing properties.


Core Ritual takes the guesswork out of incorporating grapeseed oil into your skincare routine by offering products specifically formulated with our Core Ritual Synergy Blend™ for enhanced effectiveness. Based on our Synergy patent (US Patent No 7,897,194 B2), this combination results in a dramatic increase in antioxidant activity, far surpassing what an individual oil could achieve on its own. The Core Ritual Synergy Blend really takes the power of grapeseed oil to the next level. The complementary ingredients not only maximize the efficacy of grapeseed oil on your skin, but this sophisticated blend completely elevates your experience-turning your everyday skincare routine into a skincare ritual.

If you’re interested in adding grapeseed oil to your skincare ritual, you can find it in Cleanse™ and Hydrate™. Because both products also utilize our Synergy patent, you’ll experience an enhanced blend of benefits including:

Targeted Results: Cleanse and Hydrate are both designed not only to nourish but also to address specific skin concerns. While grapeseed oil does moisturize and offer some level of antioxidant protection, Core Ritual’s products are tailored to go beyond moisturization

to provide targeted solutions. Cleanse and Hydrate are formulated to work together to maintain the skin's moisture barrier, improve texture, and enhance skin's overall resilience.

Synergistic Effects:The effectiveness of Core Ritual products is significantly boosted by the Core Ritual Synergy Blend™, based on the Synergy patent (US Patent No 7,897,194 B2). This patented blend incorporates black cumin seed oil with other cold-pressed oils, creating a synergistic effect that amplifies the antioxidant activity well beyond the sum of its individual parts. The increased antioxidant activity provides superior protection against environmental stressors, helps in reducing signs of aging, and promotes healthier skin.

Advanced Formulation: Core Ritual's Cleanse and Hydrate products are not merely about highlighting the benefits of a single ingredient; they are carefully formulated using a blend of oils, including grapeseed oil, each selected for their unique benefits. This means that while grapeseed oil is excellent for its antioxidant properties and light texture, combining it with other complementary oils like organic sunflower seed oil, cranberry seed oil, and broccoli seed oil enhances its efficacy. These combinations ensure that the skin receives a balanced mix of nutrients, fatty acids, and antioxidants necessary for optimal health and appearance.

Enhanced Absorption: The formulations in Core Ritual's products are developed and blended to ensure that the active ingredients are effectively absorbed into the skin. This means that the beneficial components of grapeseed oil and other ingredients are delivered in a way that the skin can readily utilize them, ensuring deeper hydration, nourishment, and protection. Simply applying grapeseed oil might not achieve the same level of absorption and efficacy.

Convenience and Experience: Lastly, using Cleanse and Hydrate offers a more holistic and enjoyable skincare experience. These products are designed for ease of use, with textures and scents that make the skincare routine not only beneficial for the skin but also a pleasurable ritual. This aspect, while not directly related to the effectiveness of the ingredients, plays a crucial role in encouraging consistent skincare habits, which is key to achieving and maintaining healthy skin.


Every skincare ritual begins with a clean base. Cleanse is our antioxidant-rich cleansing oil and make up remover, infused with the goodness of grapeseed oil, that leaves your skin feeling clean, moisturized, and deeply nourished. This cleanser helps reinforce your skin’s moisture barrier and provides an optimal foundation for the rest of your skincare ritual.

Hydrate is uniquely formulated to immerse your skin in the benefits of grapeseed oil all day long. This ensures that your complexion continuously receives the nourishing and protective properties of grapeseed oil, maximizing its potential to hydrate, moisturize, and maintain the integrity of the skin barrier.

You can learn about and purchase Cleanse here. 

You can learn about and purchase Hydrate here.