Benefits of using a seed-powered skincare system

Benefits of using a seed-powered skincare system

When it comes to finding effective skincare products, seeds probably aren’t on your radarbut they should be. Although they’re small, seeds are mighty and have everything in them to create life. As a child you learned all about seeds in school (and may have even grown some plants from them), but how often do you stop to think about what they can really do for you? 

Seeds provide all of the necessary nutrients and minerals that plants need to grow. This is the same for your skin! Seed oils contain essential fatty acids and valuable nutrients that promote naturally healthy skin. With a seed-powered skincare system, you have everything you need to reveal a more youthful looking complexion and radiant glow. 

Seeds are incredible. While they’re practically magic, not all seed oils are created equally. Their effectiveness is dependent on how they’re sourced and processed. That’s where Core Ritual™ steps in. With our NatureFRESH Cold Press™ process and diligent sourcing practices, we set the bar for seed traceability and seed oil quality to promote visibly healthy skin with maximum product benefits from seed to skin.  


In the aisles of the grocery store, seed oils sometimes get a bad rap for being low quality oils. This is because they’re usually heated and processed, which diminishes the potential benefits of these power-packed seeds. When heated at high temperatures the fat and oil molecules can become damaged and form free radicals. Free radicals can cause inflammation, oxidative stress, and DNA damage in the body – exactly what you don’t want for your body.

This is exactly why Core Ritual created our own NatureFRESH Cold Press process to extract the oils from seeds in a more effective way, producing clean beauty products safely and with maximum benefit for you. This gentle method isn’t the fastest or easiest, but it allows us to provide you with the purest oils. There are no chemicals, no solvents, and no preservatives in any of our products. Because of the cool processing temperatures, the natural nutrient density of the seeds remains intact, allowing each and every product to perform at maximum efficacy. For this reason, we’ve been exclusively cold pressing in small batches for more than 20 years.

The high quality standard of our seed oils has been our top priority since our parent company, Botanic Innovations, was founded to produce seed oils and powders as essential ingredients for skincare, supplements, and other health and nutrition products. Traceability is another key to producing quality seed oil products, and over the past two decades we’ve built relationships with the many reliable farms to source our seeds. Before we start processing any of our oils, we ensure each and every batch of seeds meet so we can bring you the best simple, natural skincare on the market. 


Over the decades that we’ve been selling seed oils, we have also been advising skincare companies who purchase from us how to blend seed oils for maximum efficacy, and how to get the most out of every seed oil offered. And while we know that while each oil has so many of its own benefits, we’ve also discovered that their synergistic effects are even more powerful together. With this knowledge we decided to take our seed oils to the next level. Core Ritual now offers the most effective simple skincare routine that’s powered by plants and backed by science.


Seeds are the foundation for life on Earth.They provide nutrients for every living thing. From the shirt on your back to the dinner on your plate, seeds are involved in many of the steps you take to live and thrive. For humans, seeds provide essential amino acids that the body can’t produce on its own. A few of our favorite amino acids for skin rejuvenation are arginine, histidine, methionine, lysine, and proline.These amino acids create compounds critical for growth, repair, and maintenance for skin cell turnover (this includes that gorgeous face of yours!) They also protect the skin barrier from free-radical damage, soothe it with antioxidant properties, strengthen its surface, and visibly restore damage like sun spots, scarring, and wrinkles. The amino acids in seeds are essential to resilient and healthy skin that glows.

Seeds have been used in skincare regimens for generations as a natural and effective way to nourish and protect the skin. Incorporating different types of seed oils into your skincare ritual can offer numerous benefits to skin health like locking in moisture, calming your complexion, supporting the natural exfoliation process, and offering antioxidant protection that can help you age gracefully.

As we age, our skin cells’ growth and turnover rates decrease significantly. Our Vice President of Innovations and molecular biologist, Dr. Noah Jenkins Ph.D, and his colleagues have researched natural ingredients for years to perfect Core Ritual’s seed-powered skincare system.  Instead of the one-compound, one-target approach, team studied the synergistic potential of the effects of whole, natural product materials when used together. And they found that the value of key oil blends was greater than the sum of its parts. 

Dr. Noah has simplified aging into two main sources of damage: damage that originates from theinside of the body, and damage that originates from theoutside of the body. Kind of like a conveyor belt, the continuous division of our skin cells dances in rhythm with the constant pushing of new cells to the surface. This process helps to maintain a youthful appearance of our skin and optimizes the functionality of our structural and protective skin barrier. In order to have an effective healthy aging ritual, you have to address both sources of damage simultaneously, as well as nourish the new growth. Core Ritual’s effective skincare products are the perfect, naturally derived way to do so. 

Core Ritual’s all-natural extraction method yields pure ultra-virgin seed oils that maintain the integrity of each seed’s individual benefits and innate wisdom. Our pure seed oils boast a broad spectrum of antioxidant activity, essential fatty acids, and valuable nutrients that deliver visibly proven anti-aging benefits naturally. 


Without using high heat, damaging chemicals, and harsh solvents in the extraction process, Core Ritual’s seed oils result in beauty benefits and  less waste. It’s better for you and the planet! Other skincare companies may cut corners to process their seed oils quickly, leading to oils that do more harm than good. When seeds are cold pressed using our NatureFRESH Cold Press process, you’ll find that our clean beauty products give you a more even, brighter, and youthful looking skin tone. 

Ready to harness the innate power of nature to reveal clear and healthy skin? 

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