The perfect (and easy) oil cleansing method for beautiful skin

The perfect (and easy) oil cleansing method for beautiful skin

It may seem counterintuitive, but washing your face with oil is the best way to achieve glowing, balanced skin that feels super clean and naturally hydrated.

The oil cleansing method has become extremely popular in the skincare world, but this age-old practice is so much more than just a beauty trend. From Ancient Rome to Egypt and Japan, there are records of oil cleansing being used all over the world for centuries. The concept behind oil cleansing is based on the fact that “like dissolves like.” So when it comes to your skin, nothing is better at dissolving makeup, dirt, and oil than nature’s purest oils.

Washing your face is the foundation of your skincare ritual, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, it’s the simplest methods that often yield the most remarkable results. And after just one wash, you’ll understand why this ancient method is still loved by skincare enthusiasts today.


For decades, we were taught to associate clean skin with a squeaky-clean, stripped feeling. Now we know better: using harsh oil-free conventional cleansers can actually lead to more dryness, irritation, and an overproduction of oil. To break this cycle, it’s time to start thinking about your cleansing ritual as a time to nourish and support your skin so it’s left feeling balanced and refreshed, rather than dehydrated and tight.

Did you know that your skin has its own microbiome? In case you’re wondering, a microbiome is a little ecosystem of tiny beneficial microorganisms that live on the surface of your skin and help keep everything in check. Unfortunately, most face washes disrupt this delicate balance, resulting in a dull and dry complexion that requires lots of moisturizing creams after cleansing. But damaging your skin’s microbiome doesn’t just look and feel unhealthy. It actually impacts your skin’s ability to protect itself from harmful outside elements that over time contribute to the appearance of aging.

Transitioning to oil cleansing allows your skin (including its microbiome) to fully thrive by working with your skin instead of against it. This technique supports your skin’s natural microbiome which helps to visibly reduce redness, inflammation, and reduce the risk of breakouts. Not only does oil cleansing give you an ultra deep cleanse without stripping or drying, but it also seals in your skin’s moisture leaving it feeling velvety soft. Oil cleansing isn’t just for dry skin though. It can do wonders for all skin types—even oily, sensitive, and acne-prone faces.


Unlike conventional cleansing, oil cleansing draws out impurities from your pores without upsetting the skin’s natural barrier. Instead of leaving your face feeling irritated, tight, and dry, this technique removes makeup, sunscreen, and other debris easily and effectively while actually helping to restore the condition of your skin. If you have oily skin, this method can also help to balance oil production which will also aid in reducing the appearance of clogged pores and blemishes.

If you’re prone to breakouts, oil cleansing is the gentlest way to deep clean your skin while keeping inflammation at bay. The benefits of cleansing with nutrient-rich, non-comedogenic cold pressed seed oils full of antioxidants and omega-6 fatty acids are sure to be a total game changer in your skincare ritual. Research shows that acne-prone skin may be the result of an undersupply of linoleic acid (omega-6) and a disturbed skin barrier. Oil cleansing is a simple and effective way to help replenish those missing fatty acids in blemished skin, alleviate irritation, assist in healing, and prevent moisture loss.

No matter what type of skin you have, the specific oils found in Core Ritual Cleanse™ penetrate deep into pores to dissolve hardened oils and dirt, and help restore the nutrients your skin craves. Makeup and product buildup is removed with ease. Your skin will get a boost of nourishment it needs to maintain its healthy microbiome and pH balance. And your face will be left feeling soft, never sticky or slick.


Cleanse antioxidant oil cleanser and makeup remover

If you’re still sudsing up with conventional cleansers, it’s time to say goodbye to harsh skincare routines and begin nurturing that beautiful, radiant skin of yours. Core Ritual’s oil cleanser is not only a face wash. It’s a makeup remover as well. It also helps visibly diminish the appearance of fine lines and supports the skin’s natural exfoliation process.

Here’s how you use it to reveal fresh, nourished, radiant skin:

Dispense 2-3 pumps onto dry fingertips and massage gently onto dry face, and neck if desired. Wet fingertips and continue massaging, covering all areas. Rinse thoroughly with warm water (and a clean, soft wash cloth if you’d like). Pat dry. Use both morning and night as a core part of your daily skincare ritual. For maximum benefit, follow with Core Ritual™ serum and moisturizer.

This antioxidant-rich cleanser dissolves excess oil, melts away makeup, is safe to use around the eyes, and rinses off easily with no heavy residue. Don’t wait to get yours! You can grab it here.